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Why Choose Flap Discs?

A flap disc is used to polish and grind welds and rough surfaces. The product is an excellent substitute for a resin fibre disc or grinding disc. A flap disc is economic of unit grinding, quieter and vibrates less, so it is more pleasant to work with. 

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Flap Discs vs Grinding Discs 

* Rapid stock removal while providing long life, a smooth finish, no gouging per gram of abrasive cloth lost during test

* Easier to control, provides better quality and consistency of surface finish without discoloration

* Cooler action, reduces glazing and loading with self sharpening flaps, Less re-work

* Both rough and intermediate grinding can be down with same flap disc

*Less vibration and quieter than grinding discs. 

* Safety risk for operators of grinding equipment and   legislation is more stringent on ensuring exposure   risks are minister.

 *Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue. The layering of material provides a cushioning effect, less noise and vibration

Flap Discs vs Fiber Discs 

* Longer life which is around 30 times to compare the fiber discs

* Overall increase in worker productivity through less down-time

* Self sharpening flaps provide a more consistent finish

* Easier to stroe- no problems with humidity

* No backing pad required. No o marring, unlike plastic or aluminum backing

* Fewer disc changes, reduced labor cost

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